Now in the summer, hot weather, mosquito increase

How is the insect repellent the most effective? Now in the summer, hot weather, mosquito increase, sleep at night by mosquito bites sleep, so how to mosquito repellent in the summer? Nowadays, there are many kinds of anti-mosquito products in the market, such as electric mosquito-repellent, insect repellent, mosquito-repellent, and mosquito-repellent bracelet. They are effective, have no toxic side effects, under what circumstances best …

With these questions, here’s a look.

Daytime indoor: electric mosquito coils The principle of electric mosquito and electric mosquito-repellent liquid is continuously heated by electric power, which emits anti-mosquito substances, and the efficacy can be maintained for 6-8 hours.

Although the effect is inferior to the traditional coil mosquito repellent, but the smoke is small, the irritation is lower, the use is more convenient. Tianjin Institute of Drug Research Associate researcher Li Hongzhou said, most mosquito coils contain pesticides, although the proportion is not much, but the composition of pesticides, high concentrations will stimulate the eyes, nose, throat and other parts, may lead to headache, nausea, respiratory inflammation and so on.

According to Taiwan’s Health magazine, the report released by the University of Taiwan’s Institute of Public Hygiene shows that, in addition to releasing Alenin, toluene and other substances, there are still many unknown and dangerous compounds. Therefore, these two “weapons” are best used in the daytime indoors without people, use 1-2 hours, to minimize irritation. If there are people indoors, the mosquito coils should be placed in the ventilation, so that fresh air through the screens. Lin Dingxiang, head of the Disease Control Board, CDC, Taiwan’s Department of Health, said that if it is to be used at night, it should be lit at least half an hour before bedtime and ventilated for a few minutes before bedtime.