and the health of the whole respiratory system

Rub a nose In the theory of TCM, the facial features correspond to the five zang, while the nose, as the most external organ of the respiratory system, its health also corresponds to the lungs and the health of the whole respiratory system, nose and small intestine meridian, colon meridian, stomach meridian, the relationship between the lungs are very close, the small intestine through the nose, the stomach is responsible for the shape of
So when the stomach is burning, there are often symptoms of red nose. Nose In addition to the function of breathing, or an important olfactory organ, and the lung through the nose, lung and nasal common smells, and the lungs in the nose, nose for the lungs of the official, so the nose part of the health care is also indirect to the nose part of the health care, and the nose is surrounded by a lot of acupoints organs, so often rubbing a nose
can also effectively increase the sensitivity of the olfactory. Nose rubbing method is relatively simple, only need two fingers on it, the main index and thumb, starting from the eyebrows, along the entire bridge of the nose, from the top down, and then the cycle of rubbing back, complete the whole process of rubbing, the power does not need too large, the operation of the time is not too long, mainly to the nasal alar part of the red This method can promote the blood circulation of the nose, increase the olfactory function of the nose, but also effective stimulation of the acupoints, rhinitis, colds and other diseases of the treatment effect is relatively significant, so usually can rub a rubbing nose, after rubbing will feel the whole face has become a lot easier, but also to alleviate the fatigue of the eyes, because,
The eye and nose are also interlinked.
3. Rub your ears for good listening
Our ear main function is the hearing function, human because has the ear, can communicate with each other very well, the ear is still very good health area, because the ear is covered with a lot of acupoints and meridians, among them three Sanjiao and gall bladder through these two main meridians, but sanjiao through the ear to the ear, passes through the ear front department to walk out. In the relationship between the facial features and five zang of TCM, the ear is the official of the kidney, and the kidney is the place of the Tibetan fine, the essence of five Zang is hidden in the kidney, so the health measures of the ear are also in favor of the health care of the kidneys, with two hands gently pressing the two ears, the strength must be light, because the eardrum is
May cause hearing impairment of the ear, can go up and down the direction of the push rubbing, the ear rub to red hot can be, can effectively stimulate the ear of the acupoints, can enhance the ear of the hearing, there is a good refreshing effect, the whole brain will feel a lot of sanity, and the efficacy of physical fitness.
4. Rub a belly to reduce grease
In the body’s hips, waist, abdomen is often prone to accumulation of fat places, especially the abdomen, not only affect aesthetics, but also affect gastrointestinal digestive health, because a lot of gastrointestinal digestive organs are several in the abdomen, but also around the navel is covered with a lot of health points. So the palm gently placed in the abdomen, do clockwise or anti-clockwise push rubbing, can promote the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, but also through the stimulation of the acupoint, promote the
absorption of nutrients, prevent the stagnation of the House, can effectively eliminate toxins in the body, but also effective burning fat, if you do this action before bedtime, but also to increase drowsiness,
Improve the quality of sleep.
5. Rub a waist Lumbar acid back pain is a lot of people will have experience, even many young people will appear symptoms, and said that the backache back pain, it is easy to think of the health of the kidney, do a good job of rubbing the waist, the finger between the fingers and thumb in the waist, finger and waist close, add some strength rub, feel to the waist heat, is effective, , can effectively relieve backache, but also have a certain effect of warm kidney.