Modern people’s chronic diseases more and more

Modern people’s chronic diseases more and more + modern people cure … That is, most of the disease or sub-health is the basic material of the body, but the reality is too much busy green in various jobs people say no time to see a doctor, or it is not likely to look good, and now people this common disease more and more, then how to treat it? Chinese medicine is profound, massage is unfathomable.

The introduction of TCM massage is how to treat the treatment of the eight major diseases of modern times.

First, headache: Hundred will point can solve most of the headache

Outdoor high-temperature hot and dizzy, a into the indoor cold air-conditioned room, the original expansion of blood vessels, muscle instantaneous contraction, more headache intolerable. Massage method: At this time you can press the head of the Hundred points (two ears up to the top of the head), can let the whole body qi and blood unobstructed. The wrist of the God Gate (palm, fist, Palm edge near the side of the pinky, wrist transverse lines of the depression is the point) has a calming effect of relaxation.

The well-known temples (in the depression between the tail and the corners of the eye) can relieve the headaches of the side. If the headache is biased on the forehead, try to massage Hegu points (the thumb of the first knuckle of the transverse lines, affixed to the other hand of the tiger, thumb finger down pressure, is Hegu).

If it is the back of the brain pain, you can put your hands on the head of the “Wind Pool” (located on both sides of the neck, hairline and lateral spine, is the beginning of the neck muscles), relieve symptoms.

Second, eye fatigue: shun-eye frame bone massage around the eye to feel the acid swelling

Staring at the computer, TV, reading, read documents for a long time, the eyes sour and uncomfortable, can be pressed around the eye points to alleviate.

Massage method: Follow the orbital bone, from the eyes of the inner corner of the eye outward, gently pressing the inside of the eyebrows anaemia bamboo points, eyes on the inside of the eye of the hole, the eyes of the lower margin of tears, forehead on both sides of the temple and so on, until the feeling of acid swelling can improve the blood circulation of the eye, and stimulate the

Intimate reminder: High intraocular pressure, glaucoma, hypertension or redness and swelling of the eyes of the hot pain, avoid massage acupuncture points.

Third, allergic rhinitis, cough: Ying Xiang treat rhinitis, less retailer cough People with allergies are more likely to stay in the air-conditioned room in the summer.

Low temperature will stimulate the nasal cavity, trachea, especially the filth of the air-conditioning filter accumulate a large number of dust mites, prone to respiratory problems, non-stop runny nose, sneezing, cough. Massage method: The symptom of allergic rhinitis alleviates can stimulate Ying Xiang, Yintang acupoint. Ying Xiang Acupuncture point in the edge of the nose, Yintang points in the middle of the two eyebrows, two acupuncture points can loose nasal part of the heat, pressure to feel hot can solve the problem. As for a sore throat or cough, try the point of the day and the less commercial points. The point of the axon in the middle of the upper margin of the sternum stem, is the breath in and out of the fortress, can be flat asthma, phlegm, Qi.

Shao Shang Point is a lung meridian, located in the root of the thumb nails, is the treatment of the throat symptoms of special points, can alleviate sore throat.

In addition, peacetime health care can be pressed in the wind pool point, located in the neck and the head of the junction of the depression, about in the hair, the wind pool points to go through the gall bladder, help heat.

Four, shoulder neck pain: A wide range of massage shoulder neck and upper back

Stiff shoulder and neck pain is almost a problem for every office worker. Massage method: Relieve the discomfort of the neck, you can hold your head by the wind and wind Pool cave. Wind house points in the back of the head of about 1 points in the center of the head, the wind pool is located on both sides of the neck, hair and spine lateral tendons, is the beginning of the neck muscles.

An easy way for experts to do this is to gently press the ear through the hair in the wind pool, with many acupuncture points to relax the neck.

Relieve the stiffness of the shoulders, you can try the sky, the upper back, about in the center of the scapula, the method is the upper body upright, the left hand affixed to the right shoulder one-second, the finger natural vertical, middle finger fingertip touch point is the day of the cave. But if the back acupuncture points oneself cannot press, can ask family friend to help. For example, a commonly used shoulder hole, one sitting, the other standing behind the hands of the forearm on the back of the massage to sit on the shoulder hole (in the ear perpendicular to the shoulder intersection). You can also ask your family in the upper back of a large range of massage, touching the shoulder of the Yu, shoulder points can relieve the tense muscles.