important visual organ of the human body

Eye is an important visual organ of the human body, if do not protect the eyes properly, it is easy to cause eye disease, leading to blindness and other major diseases. The glaucoma is one of the three roughly blind eye diseases that lead to human blindness, so what should be done to prevent glaucoma?

TCM believes that massage can effectively prevent glaucoma.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma refers to an eye with intermittent or continuous elevated intraocular pressure, which can cause damage to various parts of the eye and visual function, such as not being treated in time, and vision can be lost to blindness. But glaucoma is mainly divided into: congenital glaucoma, primary glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, mixed type glaucoma.

The clinical manifestations and characteristics of various types of glaucoma should be detected early and treated early.

Here’s a look at the features of secondary glaucoma:

Glaucoma, which is caused by ocular and systemic diseases, is of this type, and the etiology is quite complex, with a wide variety, and is now only a brief description of some of the most common secondary glaucoma:

1. Cataract Secondary Glaucoma

Crystal Cloudy in the development process edema swelling, or translocation leading to a relatively narrow anterior chamber, water drainage obstruction, causing increased intraocular pressure, once the cataract surgery, soon after the optic nerve atrophy and blindness.

2, refractive errors (ie, myopia, hyperopia) secondary glaucoma

Due to refractive system dysfunction, ciliary muscle dysfunction, water secretion imbalance, combined with the iris root pressure anterior chamber angle, water drainage obstruction, so caused by elevated intraocular pressure, the clinical characteristics of such patients are consciously visual fatigue symptoms or no obvious discomfort, wearing glasses can not correct eyesight, easy to misdiagnosis.

3. Traumatic glaucoma

Corner tearing, iris root disconnection, or anterior chamber blood, vitreous hemorrhage, retinal concussion, make room water secretion, discharge pathway blocked, secondary glaucoma optic atrophy.

4, corneal, conjunctival, uveitis and other secondary glaucoma

Inflammation of the eye causes room water turbidity, ciliary muscle, iris, corneal edema, the room angle becomes shallow or pupil adhesion, the small beam net obstruction, the room water cannot discharge normally causes the intraocular pressure to raise.

What are the methods of massage to prevent glaucoma?

Acupoint Massage Method

① appropriate massage is beneficial to the eyes of acupoints, such as Spring Cave, multi-kneading, old-age den. Glaucoma patients quickly rub hands, when feeling the double palm because of friction and fever, the palms of the palm quickly placed on the eyes of the ball, so that the eye by the hands of hot compress. Two-hand friction will produce high electrostatic, eye contact Double palm will be affected by a current effect, produce therapeutic effect.

If several times a day, and perseverance, can make the intraocular pressure drops, the eyeball becomes soft, the symptom alleviates.

② by “eye-clear”, “Bearing Tears”, “Hegu” points. 0.1 inches above the corner of the eye, the cave is located just below the eyeball, around the orbital bone; Hegu acupoint in the back of the hand, the second metacarpal bone, midpoint, thumb side, alias of the Tiger. Use your forefinger or thumb to massage the “eye-clear”, “bearing the tears” two points, with the thumb of the other hand of the fingertips of the heavy press “Hegu” point.

Adhere to these points, you can prevent and improve glaucoma.

Eye Massage: With thumb abdomen massage upper eyelid, with forefinger finger abdomen massage under eyelid. Massage from the inner corner to the outer corner, like a little bone in the contour of the eye. 1 Places press for 5 seconds, 5 seconds after the fingertip leaves the skin.

Do it 2 times in 1 days, when you have time and before you go to bed. “Note”: Pressing with the finger is definitely the edge of the orbital bone, do not press, poke the eyeball. The intensity of the massage should not be too large to feel the pain of the gentle force.

In addition to improving glaucoma (i.e. glaucoma), this method can also improve cataract and dry eye. Neck Massage: Neck and glaucoma occur also have a great relationship, so the neck massage is also not very small.

Massage the neck, obviously feel tenderness or cervical deformation, you need to rub the place more. Because neck abnormalities can cause eye fatigue, vision loss, and even the appearance of glaucoma and other symptoms. In the abnormal parts of the more to press rubbing will receive unexpected results.

It takes only 3-5 minutes for the effect to appear bright when the eye becomes visible. These are the methods of TCM massage to prevent glaucoma diseases. And in life in order to prevent and cure glaucoma disease There are many treatment methods, in order to protect their own eye health, you can choose to find a suitable treatment to prevent the occurrence of glaucoma.