is generally rising, but due to the work pressure

The standard of living of modern people is generally rising, but due to the work pressure and the wide variety of life, the diet is unreasonable, resulting in a lot of abnormal health, and the emergence of cancer is also expected.

Cancer is a topic of great concern to modern people, because it will not only shorten the life expectancy, to a certain extent, will affect every family, so, for family happiness and their own health, it is best to do a good job of anti-cancer measures.

What parts can be rubbed to fight cancer Do not simply think that all parts of the human body is just a decoration, in fact, their role is unexpected, people say the foot is the second heart of the human body, so it will be a foot or massage feet to achieve the role of prevention and cure disease, although not all of a sudden, but long-term persistence, on their own still have many advantages,

In fact, in addition to the foot can be anti-cancer prevention, rubbing belly also has the same effect. Often met with a lot of the belly after a meal will touch, in fact, this action is correct, because not only can promote the digestive function of the stomach, but also to a certain extent, there is a role in health care. Because our abdomen is “organs Miyagi, the origin of Yin and Yang Qi and blood”, that is, the body health is unhealthy, through the abdomen can express. In addition, this site has many important points, nothing more press can have anti-cancer role.

Therefore, in order to fight against cancer and disease, in addition to a reasonable diet and regular exercise, but also can rub belly.

The benefits of frequent rubbing of the abdomen

Many parts of the body have its own function, and the prevention of disease is one of them, in peacetime leisure time more pressing the abdomen will have a surprising effect.

1. Promote digestion Modern living standards continue to improve, but their own diet structure has a lot of problems, so that the stomach function problems, resulting in low digestive function, it may be rubbed belly.

Kneading abdomen can increase the blood flow of abdominal muscles and intestinal smooth muscle, increase the muscle tension and lymphatic system function of abdominal wall, thus strengthen the digestion and absorption of food, and obviously improve the peristalsis function of size bowel. Often touch this site not only to their own digestive function has a greater advantage, but also to a certain extent, the role of anti-constipation.

Therefore, if because of the fire or less water and constipation, may touch the abdomen, not only defecate unobstructed, but also not suffering from hemorrhoids or anorectal disease.

2, thin body Because of the unreasonable diet, there is always the phenomenon of overeating, in order to increase the weight, and finally lead to the emergence of obesity.

Obesity is not only a weight gain, to a certain extent will make people suffer from high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, so this is the key to lose weight. In addition to improving their diet and exercise can achieve the effect of weight loss, you can also touch this area, and this part is the abdomen.

Because by rubbing the abdomen can stimulate peripheral nerve, through the weight and speed of different intensity of massage, so that the abdominal wall capillary unimpeded, promote fat consumption, finally achieve the purpose of slimming.

3. Promote sleep

Life trivia, coupled with the increase in work pressure, easy to make a person at night insomnia phenomenon, this will make sleep quality worse, resulting in poor mental status, not only affect work efficiency, but also affect their own mental state, if long-term in such a state, the human body will appear disease symptoms. To improve their sleep quality, do not take sleeping pills, or take other drugs, it is advisable to use physiotherapy, is rubbing belly. For people who sleep poorly, you can rub your abdomen before you go to bed, helping to fall asleep and prevent insomnia.

For patients with arteriosclerosis, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, according to rub the abdomen can be flat out irascibility, make people calm, blood circulation, play the role of adjuvant therapy.

4. Improve stomach function

More than 60% of people with different degrees of stomach disease, want to know whether their stomach is healthy, the method is very simple, if the stomach is always abdominal pain, or when eating will always appear bloating, these are enough to prove that your stomach is unhealthy, if not timely treatment, it is likely to cause stomach disease.

How to prevent the occurrence of this disease? In fact, in addition to taking drugs, the simplest way is to rub the abdomen, every morning, in, after dinner each rub belly l times, each time about knead 5 minutes, can achieve the purpose of adjuvant treatment of ulcerative disease. Because of the occurrence of gastric ulcer disease and gastric acid secretion is associated with too much. Often rub the abdomen, may promote the prostaglandin secretion to increase, prevents the stomach acid excessive secretion, the prevention ulcer disease.