Common symptom manifestations of sciatic nerve pain

Now many people are busy working, in this pursuit of high-quality life in the society, health problems are the biggest problem. Now there are many people suffering from disease, a variety of diseases are troubling people’s lives, among them, sciatica is a very common disease.

So what are the common symptoms of sciatica? What are the daily precautions?

Common symptom manifestations of sciatic nerve pain

1. Sudden Pain Sciatica often occurs after a traumatic injury, manual work, or cold, and then pain, or relapse due to the above reasons.

Most of the pain is one side, and the individual is bilateral.

2. Systemic pain

Sciatica onset when the patient first feeling the back ache, waist rigidity feeling, after gradually aggravating and grow for severe pain sad, painful sad from waist, buttocks, hip start, down along the thigh, the popliteal fossa, the outside of the leg and the foot spread, accidental burn like or needle like pain sad.

3. Pain characteristics The pain characteristics of sciatica were increased by paroxysmal, and more so at night.

Some patients with sciatica may induce pain or aggravate the injury in postural changes or sciatic nerve traction.

Exercise exercises to prevent sciatic nerve pain The physical therapy for sciatica is selected for sciatica caused by early lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, congenital lumbar spinal stenosis and pear-shaped muscle syndrome.

The specific methods are:

1, the rowing movement method backs the wall to sit, the lower limbs straighten, the upper body bends, seeks each hand to touch the foot, like the rowing movement.

2, Straight Leg elevation method supine, lower limbs straight, the affected limb active up, when feeling waist, hips and lower extremity pain, still strive to exceed the limit to continue to lift. 3, the forced exercise method straight leg standing, respectively do the upper body front bend, side bend, and lift leg movement. If you do a certain action pain, exercise Limited, do not interrupt, you should continue to force exercise.