Brain atrophy causes Alzheimer’s disease easily

Brain atrophy is apt to cause senile brain atrophy, including infantile brain atrophy and adult brain atrophy. But older people see more. The most important symptom of atrophy in the clinic is dementia, especially for the elderly, which is prone to Alzheimer’s disease. So how do we prevent brain atrophy? Now let’s look at what the initial symptoms of brain atrophy are.

Symptoms of brain atrophy may vary depending on the patient, but the following are some of the symptoms that are commonly found in the clinic.

Clinical symptoms of brain atrophy

1. Change of character behavior

Personality changes are often the early symptoms of the disease, patients become easily mix was, do not like to communicate with people, or performance as no ideal, desire, the lack of affection for the children’s relatives, life habits of stereotypes, irritable personality, speech brain atrophy increased, or wordy repetition, can also occur sleep rhythm changes.

2, mental decline, dementia The performance of the intellectual activities such as comprehension, judgment and computational ability can not adapt to social life, difficult to meet the work and housework, and can not correctly answer his name, age, food do not know hunger, go out after home, collect waste paper sundry as treasures.

Late in the disease, all day in bed, life can not take care of themselves, do not leave, incontinence, speech vague, inarticulate, miscellaneous words no chapters, eventually to complete dementia.

3. Memory impairment Close memory defect occurs earlier, such as often lost items, forgetting has promise things.

With the development of the disease, gradually to the memory completely lost.

4. Systemic symptoms Early lesion, the patient often appear dizziness headache, insomnia many dreams, waist knee limp, hand and foot numbness, tinnitus deafness, gradually to unresponsive, slow, mumbling, irrelevantly replying.

In the body, often manifested as senile, white teeth fall, dry skin, pigment hyperplasia, or even visible hemiplegia, epilepsy, or ataxia, tremor, neurological symptoms may exist, may also be absent.

Ways to prevent brain atrophy

1, pay attention to their own maintenance

Such as: Life is regular, pay attention to reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, avoid smoking, drinking, eat less high fat diet.

2, light diet, defecate unobstructed Constipation is one of the most common causes of cardiac and cerebrovascular risk, and cerebrovascular accident is the most direct and serious injury to brain tissue, so it is very important for middle and old people to keep defecate unobstructed.

Usually can eat more vegetables and fruits, light diet, constipation heavy can be combined with drinking some of the intestinal tea, Senna leaves and so on.

3. Increase social activities

Use into waste back, often read newspapers, write and write calculation, regular operation of the brain, and constantly promote the activity of cranial nerve and sensory information movement, stimulating the cerebral cortex has a new exciting point, is conducive to improve the brain blood circulation, delay brain cells aging, delay brain atrophy process.

4. Active prevention and treatment of vascular diseases

Prevention of brain atrophy, should actively prevent certain systemic diseases, especially those affecting vascular health, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, etc., so that early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, so as to delay and control the development of the disease. Experts remind: already slowly into middle-aged or old people, regularly do a regular check, early detection early treatment, because the early treatment in a variety of dysfunction occurs within 6 months, at this time treatment to restore the best. Alzheimer’s Disease