How to treat sinusitis patients best

What is the best treatment for sinusitis patients? The treatment of sinusitis is not simple surgery or drug treatment, due to the diversity of its etiology and pathological changes in the complexity of the disease, its treatment needs to be targeted at different circumstances, to take appropriate reasonable methods, so the following to help you understand the sinusitis disease, how to treat the best sinusitis?

Radical treatment of sinusitis

First, drug treatment

① Traditional medicine: This is one of the most commonly used treatment drugs, and during the treatment of sinusitis, its course is 4 weeks.

②: Suitable for patients with severe nasal obstruction, nasal polyps and allergic rhinitis.

③ Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment: can choose Qingre Detoxification, Yiqi discharge pus, wet tongqiao of Chinese medicine, this can improve the nasal cavity environment, but need long-term take.

Second, adjuvant treatment

① spray treatment can be moist nasal mucosa, softening dry callus, 2 times a day.

② nasal flushing: Patients with previous surgery history, nasal mucosa cilia function recovery slower, can be used nasal rinse.

③ Laser Treatment: Take double Ying Xiang Acupoint respectively, 5-7 minutes per hole, 1 times a day, 10-12 times for a course.

Third, surgical treatment

① tonsil or adenoids can cure some patients with chronic recurrent sinusitis.

The salt water of the ② sinus is clearly diagnostic and therapeutic, but not suitable for children.

③ endoscopic surgery, nasal endoscopic surgery is appropriate for patients with chronic sinusitis or chronic sinusitis, which is ineffective with appropriate medications, or where there is an abnormality in the sinus and nasal canal complex.

Iv. Environmental Control Try to eliminate possible pathogenic factors, including air cleaning filtration, maintaining proper air humidity, killing mites, etc.