Why do many single people choose to live together?

If it is not for any major reason, few people will choose to be single, but singles also have sexual desires, so some people who are unwilling to marry will choose to live together. Cohabitation without marriage seems to be a more harmonious way of sex, but it also hides a lot of temptations. Let’s take a look at the inner world of people who choose this lifestyle. Living together as you like, a person can live as he pleases, and he is free from the constraints of others. Occasionally, two people read more

Clear 5 points, the remaining women become “winning women”

In a blink of an eye, friends who used to play together have now become women. Faced with the long-lost loneliness of the single, stimulated by various external pressures, many leftover women will rush to marry. But is this marriage really what you want? To know that marriage is a lifelong thing, it is not a child’s play, so every step must go well. For the leftover woman, if you want to get rid of the remaining situation, you must understand why you will become a leftover woman. These reasons read more

The man said “I love you” subtext

In this world, perhaps the most touching love story for couples in love may be “I love you.” However, according to recent research, when men and women say “I love you”, they often express different meanings due to differences in occasions and time. The specific meaning needs to be analyzed in a specific environment. After an expert survey, it is found that in love, a man says “I love you” earlier than a woman. Of course, this does not mean that the man is “stupid”. read more

Women’s true expressions about their sexual life

Lead: There is a survey that has been visited all over the world, interviewed 18,000 women, about their respective sex life, they all have different voices, the super spicy truth of 18,000 women around the world, want to hear? ? ● The most reserved is the Indonesian woman, 21 is the bottom line for them to accept the “baptism” of men – oh … we should be happy or sad? ● 25% of Chinese women “can not think of” their first night How come over – brothers, read more

How do the masters of love see the heart of the goddess

Men always feel that women are not good at chasing. In fact, women are not as good at hiding themselves as men. So I want to know what I think: I want to know the size of her lust: how about the bed? No need to catch up with the same can be done, just a few simple tricks, let you know at a glance. Originally private information, you don’t need a truth-speaking adventure game, you can master it in one step.

Single woman: How do I squat in the empty window?

Lead: After half a year with my boyfriend, my feelings have been in an empty window. I have lived through the most painful days of falling out of love. Now my life has become monotonous and dry. Going to work, going home, the two-point line makes me feel a little fun, going home every day to face an empty house, lonely Feeling filled in every cell of my body, I want to find a port to vent, but I don’t know how to use it. He is a private enterprise boss who lived with me online. I was divorced. read more

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