How did you quarrel with my husband?

How did you quarrel with my husband? Women want to be able to let themselves when their husbands quarrel. I don’t know if this is a need to get along with wisdom. If you want your husband to respect you more, then learn the practice of these types of women! Even if a man does something wrong, he will not be degraded in public. But when he returns home, he will bluntly give warnings that no one is perfect. Therefore, in a marriage relationship, a man is allowed to make mistakes, as long as it read more

Do you understand the 11 behaviors of men?

Some things may not be in the eyes of women, but there are several who know the thoughts of men. 1. Women never know why men should learn to be strong? Because they know that although they are strong, they are very fragile. They always want her to think that she is the best. 1. Women never know why men should learn to be strong? Because they know that although they are strong in appearance, they are very fragile. They always want her to think that she is the best. 2, women never know why men do read more

Men are most afraid of six characteristics of women

The relationship between men and women is mainly because the two sides can attract each other to make the two strangers become the closest couple, but when they are together, as the time of interaction becomes stronger, the more they know each other And the contradictions that will arise at this time have increased relatively. Some couples may even have some qualitative changes to this relationship over time. For men, if their girlfriends have the following characteristics, That will definitely read more

Four major differences in psychology between men and women

No matter how open the people are, they have a deep impression on the first night. After all, this is a sacred moment for everyone to mature into adulthood. Although the morning and evening, the first sexual experience is always special. No matter how hot the mouth may be, it will always leave memories in the depths of my heart. But men are not the same as women. The physiological structure makes them have different feelings and associations about sex. Therefore, the psychological gap between read more

What do couples feel easy to feel wronged?

The grievances are encountered in love. When two people get along, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps. In fact, in sex, there will inevitably be grievances. What are the grievances of men and women? In general, We all hope to be able to get a complaint, because the more you feel in your heart, the more uncomfortable you are in your heart. If you have aggrieved in your heart, but you don’t say it in your mouth, it will directly affect the relationship between the two sexes. The read more

The most interesting affair between married men and women

Married men and women often have their own unique tacit understanding, and have their own characteristics for the expression of love and sex. For example, in general, they will not express their love naked, but suggest each other through some awkward language, special eyes or actions. Only by letting the other party understand and get used to these sexual signals can they enhance their tacit understanding and coordination in their sexual life, otherwise it will easily lead to misunderstanding. read more

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